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salt of the earth

Read: Matthew 5:13-16 (Passion Translation)

Are you salty?

It’s interesting that how the world views an issue is usually the polar opposite of Scripture. Our modern day vernacular deems someone “salty” when he or she is upset or embarrassed as the result of being made fun of.

When Jesus stated that we are the “salt of the earth,” He meant that we were supposed to influence the world around us and change its composition. Salt has more beneficial properties other than just making your corn on the cob tastier. I found some helpful information in a note below Matthew 5:13 from The Passion Translation. This will help us understand and apply what Jesus said:

"Salt that has lost its flavor is foolish. Both Greek and Aramaic use a word that can mean either “good for nothing” or “foolish.” If salt that has lost its flavor is foolish, then salt that keeps its flavor is wise. Rabbinical literature equates salt with wisdom. After speaking of salt, Jesus speaks of lighting a lamp. It was a common practice in the time of Jesus to put salt on the wick of a lamp to increase its brightness. The “salt” of wisdom will make us shine even brighter.”

I remember a song from back in the 90s. One line of the lyrics has stuck with me all of these years: “Your life is speaking so loud I can’t hear a single word you say.” The impact of these words is powerful: Let your life and your words speak the same message!

To summarize: If the words you speak and your actions back each other up, you will be beaming with wisdom. You have become the “salt” that sprinkles love, joy, peace, and healing to the soul. Others will want to “rub shoulders” with you and become salty too! Your life is so savory, they cannot help themselves but to “Taste and see that the Lord is good!” (Psalm 34:8)

So, stay salty, my friend! The seasoning of Christ in you is meant to change lives, households, and even nations for the Kingdom!

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