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Exposing the Enemy: Leaving the Rut of Bondage to Pursue Breakthrough and Destiny

Do you suffer from constant attacks in your mind from bad thoughts? Are you seeking the kind of overcoming life promised in the Bible but aren't sure how to obtain it?


Do the circumstances and reoccurring patterns in your life seem impossible to overcome? If you have asked yourself any of these questions, then EXPOSING THE ENEMY is for you!


Throughout these pages, you will find examples of situations and solutions to help you break free from fear, oppression, and low self-esteem and help you step into your God-given destiny.

Exposing the Enemy Book

His Word Became Flesh: Daily Devotions for Physical Healing

Is God's healing power for a select few or is it for everyone? Are their specific qualifications to be healed? Michele Snyder shares her own story of sickness, doctor visits, supplements, treatments and healing. This is not your typical daily devotional. The daily readings will teach you how to receive healing for yourself and a road map to renew your mind, remove false teachings, and build your faith for your own healing. You will learn how to take God's Word and effectively apply it in a unique way to help you overcome frustration and tackle the tough questions. You will experience peace in your mind, freedom from fear, control over your emotions and healing in your body.

His Word Became Flesh
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